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Deftpower BV

Deftpower is the innovative and forward-thinking automotive charging platform founded in 2020 by Marc Diks and Jacob van Zonneveld. Our mission is to provide a scalable solution that will revolutionize the automotive charging space and help the environment.


We have created a platform that allows efficient and cost-effective access to charging point networks, car manufacturers and utilities. Our platform also meets the highest standards and is designed to support the rapid transition to EVs. So far, we have secured the business of ten clients in four countries across Europe, providing access to all significant charging networks.


At Deftpower, we put you in charge. Our white-label EMP charging app and portal enables our customers to:

  • Control their data
  • Access all APIs
  • Quickly and painlessly go through the entire invoicing process


We are also partnering with Tom Tom to create an all-in-one app that makes the charging experience even smoother.


Our innovative and cost-effective automotive charging platform will allow you to enjoy the benefits of transitioning to EVs without worrying about costs and logistics. You'll be able to see first-hand how we are revolutionizing the automotive charging space and how our platform makes it easier and more affordable for everyone.


Don't miss the opportunity to see why Deftpower is the leading EMP-as-a-service provider, and join us at Flotte to experience the future of automotive charging. We look forward to seeing you there!

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